Wildfire Maps in Real Time

WildfireMaps.com provides maps and incident information about current wildfires across the Nation. The site integrates data from a variety of sources providing a single dashboard to keep you updated on where fires are occurring.

Basic wildfire status is available in the Public Viewer app while custom subscriptions and applications are available for more advanced capabilities, including incident monitoring, fire spread simulation, and automated wildfire impact and liability analysis.

Where Will it Burn - Wildfire Simulations

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Single Source for Authoritative Wildfire Information

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    We are harvesting data 24/7, from multiple-agencies and sources, providing the most current information about wildfires across the United States.
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    Nationwide Access

    From coast to coast, we are working with state and federal agencies to collect accurate wildfire information, and making this easily accessible to the public, fire professionals and private industry.
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    Subscription Apps

    WildfireMaps is also the premier platform for custom apps and subscriptions for more advanced capabilities - specifically real time fire simulation, impact analysis, risk analysis, and daily briefings.

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  • Active Ignitions Active Ignitions
  • Wildfire Perimeters Fire Perimeters
  •  Prescribed Burns Prescribed Burns
  • Threat & Risk Threat & Risk
  • Social Media Social Media
  •  Active Weather Active Weather

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    Public Viewer

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    Executive Viewer

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    Professional Viewer

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    Fire Intel Viewer

icon WildfireMaps.com :: Subscription Options

  • Real-Time Wildfire Simulations

    Real-Time Fire Spread Simulation

    Unique capabilities to simulate fires showing where a fire is going to spread. Our BurnEngine conducts simulations in minutes using current and forecasted weather data.

  • Wildfire Impact Analysis

    Fire Impact Analysis & Alert Notications

    Using simulation outputs we can quickly quantify potential impacts by hour for each fire. This includes people, houses and critical infrastructure impacts. This information helps identify areas of primary concern for protection.

  • Incident Response and Tracking

    Resource Tracking

    fiResponse™ is designed to support the entire lifecycle of an incident supporting multi-agency use with seamless synchronization of data between different users, agencies, and devices for tracking incidents – all on a GIS architecture! Details are at FiResponse.com

  • Wildfire Evacuation Editor

    Evacuation Area & Road Closure Editor

    Simple web editing tools to allow local emergency response agencies to easily map where evacuation areas, road closures and shelters exist. These tools augment EOC web notifications by providing maps to the public quickly and robustly.